Our Mission

To act as a bridge between Bolivia and the rest of the world, fostering an exchange of knowledge and experiences in the realm of sustainable agriculture and the marketing of high-value foods. We are committed to discovering and showcasing the culinary wonders that Bolivia has to offer, collaborating closely with local communities and cherishing their ancestral wisdom. We strive to promote sustainable harvesting practices and responsible use of natural resources while creating fair and lasting economic opportunities for Bolivian producers.

Our Vision

To become a global benchmark for excellence in the marketing and export of foods from Bolivia. We aim to expand our offerings beyond emblematic products like Tarwi, quinoa, and salt, exploring and nurturing new culinary marvels in collaboration with local communities and land stewards. We aspire to be recognized as a company that embraces cultural diversity and values sustainability, making a positive impact on both producers and consumers around the world. Our vision is to promote Bolivia’s richness and potential, strengthening the connections between ancestral traditions and modern practices, and enriching the global supply of highly nutritious foods.