Our Team

Mariela López

With a life full of international experiences, having lived in more than 3 countries and explored diverse cultures, including an immersion in China, Mariela demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to lead successful ventures at a young age by building her own brand of home appliances.
In addition to her brand-building experience, Mariela has sought educational opportunities abroad. She completed her undergraduate studies in Mexico and went on to pursue her master's degree in Europe. Her multicultural education has provided her with a diverse perspective and an open mindset towards creativity and innovation.

Osvaldo Santistevan

Over 10 years of corporate experience as a restaurant and startup owner, as well as an agriculturist and livestock farmer, Osvaldo brings a wealth of perspective and knowledge in various fields. His corporate background has provided him with a solid business acumen and strategic skills for the growth and development of the company. In addition to his corporate experience, Osvaldo has dedicated time to agriculture and livestock farming, understanding the importance of sustainable production and food quality. His experience in these areas allows him to have a direct connection with local producers and ensure that Epicurean Andes' food products are of the highest quality.