"The Pink Salt from Epicurean Andes has elevated our gourmet pizzas to new heights of flavor. It's the secret ingredient that keeps our customers coming back for more!"
Juan Carlos Baldivieso, Owner of Monalisa.
"At 'El Cuartito,' we take pride in offering each of our customers the quality and distinction they deserve. With the incorporation of Epicurean Andes' Pink Salt on our tables, we are delighted to provide an exceptional culinary experience that reflects our commitment to excellence."
Jorge Navarra, Owner of El Cuartito.
"The Epicurean Burrito: a tribute to the unique flavor of Epicurean Andes' Pink Salt. At our restaurant, we celebrate the quality and distinction of this culinary gem in every bite."
Jorge Saurberger, Executive Chef at Cilantro Mexican Grill.